POLICE hunting paedophiles in Spain have urged parents to be more responsible when it comes to their children and the online world. 

In an extensive interview with ABC, Policia Nacional officers from the Child Protection force at the Central Cybercrime Unit warned against sharing pictures of children while at the beach.

Daniel Huerta, deputy of the unit, also blasted parents for tagging their locations while uploading photos of their children.

“Please do not do it, not on Facebook or anywhere else!” he said, warning that it allows predators to know where your child is at all times.

According to Huerta, paedophiles are more of a threat than ever after having found safe havens online where they can share their views and desires and no longer feel alone.

“They feel understood by each other,” he said, “which emboldens them and helps them become stronger.”

The agent told ABC the biggest rise in crime has been in live streaming of child sex abuse.

Officers have to sit through hours and hours of ‘horrifying’ footage in a bid to look for clues to find those responsible for making the films.

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WARNING: Paedophiles have found safe spaces online

While they are offered much psychological support, some agents cannot overcome what they see.

“It’s very hard,” added Huerta, “One day I met a paedophile who I was talking to in an online forum and I had to keep my cover… He greeted my 3-year-old daughter and you cannot imagine my repulsion.

“I don’t tell my wife anything that we see every day.”

This, Huerta reveals, is children in cages, children with animals and kids being forced into sexual acts with their siblings.

Agents trawling through the footage have learned to block out the child and look for clues in the background, from plugs to wallpaper or windows.

But agent Hermosilla warns that parents need to be stricter when it comes to the internet.

“We are not prepared for what is coming,” he told ABC, “Technology is advancing and society is not catching up in time.

“Parents give devices to their children and expect a level of maturity that they don’t have.

“They should not let children on social media until they are 16 or 18…. this is a social problem and cannot be solved by police alone.”

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