A YOUNG expat has been arrested for allegedly stealing more than €15,000 from an Alzheimer’s sufferer.

The 20-year-old is accused of making more than 700 charges to the 86-year-old’s man credit card after befriending him in the bar where she worked in Malaga.

The alleged thief, from Paraguay, obtained his account number and details and made some 780 purchases online between September and November.

The fraud was only realised by the victim’s son who noticed a string of purchases on his father’s account.

The woman had allegedly splashed the pensioner’s cash on clothes, transport, restaurants, hotels, kitchen appliances and plane tickets.

The son filed a denuncia with Policia Nacional who soon honed in on the female suspect at the bar.

Officers managed to arrest her on the same day she was scheduled to fly to Paraguay after having bought the tickets on the victim’s card.

She is now facing trial in Malaga.


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