A POLICIA Nacional agent has saved a baby’s life after administering cardiopulmonary resuscitation for 20 minutes in Valencia city.

The two-month old tot fell unconscious in the Ruzafa neighbourhood before Policia Nacional agents turned up as one began reviving the baby’s heart with two fingers while his colleague phone 112 for an ambulance.

The baby had fallen ill after taking an oral drop medicine from his mother.

Reports said the baby began crying during resuscitation efforts, before slipping back into unconsciousness. Doctors took a full 20 minutes before arriving from the Hospital Doctor Peset.

The officer, named Ruymán Díaz, saved another life in 2014 after rescuing a drowning man in Cullera.

“I have done several courses on first aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation, because many times we have to assist victims while we wait for the arrival of the ambulance,” said the policeman.

“Saving a baby’s life or resuscitating an old man who has suffered a heart attack brings much satisfaction. Helping citizens is as important as fighting crime, and more and more police officers are equipped with knowledge of first aid.”

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