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5 Spanish Holidays Tailored to Your Personality Type

5 Spanish Holidays Tailored To Your Personality Type 3

A trip to Spain could be just what you need to take this year to the next level, giving you the chance to soak up some sun, meet interesting new people and experience a culture completely different to what you’re used to. 

Depending on your personality type, you may have a more amplified experience by going on holiday in a specific part of the country. Finding affordable holiday destinations based on this could have you booking your trip sooner rather than later. Our insider tips are designed to point you in the right direction.

5 Spanish Holidays Tailored To Your Personality Type 1

Where to Go in Spain if You’re…

Visiting Spain offers so many great destination choices ranging from pristine beaches all the way through to historical landmarks. Either will give you an opportunity to unwind and let loose, as well as introducing you to a new way of life. Whether you’re a partier, a romantic, a foodie, a dreamer or a thinker, the following list has you covered for an exciting new adventure. 

1…a partier

If you’re all about the party lifestyle, Spain has many great choices for you to choose from. Traditionally considered a festive nation, you’ll be able to find large parties spanning across both the north and the south of the country. 

Pamplona, Sanlúcar de Barrameda and Asturias offer great opportunities to visit markets, festivals and to capitalise on some of the hottest nightlife hotspots the country has to offer. Music festivals are scattered across the country aplenty; Primavera Sound takes place in Barcelona in June, with around 100,000 attendees each year.

2…a romantic

If love and romance are particularly close to your heart, Spain has you covered. Catching a romantic crooner live in concert could be a way to dial up any feelings of love (or lust) while on holiday. Madrid is known as a very romantic city, especially if you visit Buen Retiro Park. 

Seville is similarly renowned for its romantic strolls in Maria Luisa Park. Granada is a popular honeymoon hotspot, and the beaches of Mallorca will give singles a tingle if they’re on the lookout for a holiday romance.

3…a foodie

If food tickles your fancy, and you’re keen to try out some spicy cuisine to die for, look no further than the following destinations. The region is well known for its Medditerranean diet, which relies heavily on fresh produce and refined seasoning.

5 Spanish Holidays Tailored To Your Personality Type 2

Madrid has some incredible restaurants for you to explore across the board. Asturias offers great options to try a variety of stews. If you prefer to ‘do it yourself’, there are gourmet markets aplenty scattered across the tourist regions. Paella is a must-have regardless of where you end up spending your time in Spain. 

4…a dreamer

If you like to dream and wanderlust tends to pull you from destination to destination, Spain is a perfect fit for the next chapter of your life’s story. If you’re somewhat idealistic and sensitive, a few of the more mystical locations may be perfect to explore. 

Consider a visit to the Fortress of Segovia or the city of Cuenca, or journey out to León for the renowned historic castles. All of these spots will enhance your creativity and allow you to tell any kind of story you wish on social media. Málaga’s yellow sand beaches also offer a great opportunity for introspection, as you gaze at the clouds while catching a tan and planning your next destination.

5…a thinker

If learning something new is part of your day-to-day agenda, Spain has some incredible locations that will stimulate the mind and open your eyes to a cultural history spanning centuries. The country has some well established universities, including University of Alcalá in Madrid, where you can spend some time perusing the array of books available at the public library. 

Almagro’s seventeenth-century theatre is another good option (especially if you’re looking to ignite the inner poet inside) and will take you back in time. La Rioja has some monasteries that are renowned across the world.

5 Spanish Holidays Tailored To Your Personality Type 3

It’s never been easier to plan a cost-effective, short-term trip to Spain. Now that you know which regions should be on your hotlist based on your personality type, take note of the best times of year to visit, and the rest of your trip can start to fall in place. Before you know it, you’ll be jetting off on an adventure that will leave you with memories that will last a lifetime. Remember to enjoy the ride!

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