A PRESIDENT of community owners used community fees to line his pockets to the tune of €600,000, police have claimed. 

A Policia Nacional probe revealed that the president of the Association of Property Administrators of Malaga diverted the funds, partly made up of community fees paid by British expats, into his personal bank account.

The huge sum of cash was mostly taken from the kitty of the La Alcaidesa urbanisation’s home association (comunidad de propetarios), near Sotogrande.

The 49-year-old, who has been under investigation for two years,  has been charged with misappropriation of funds and the falsifying of documents.

According to the investigation, the unnamed suspect diverted money from the housing association into his bank accounts and cashed checks from the company to pay off his debts and personal expenses.

The investigation began in June 2018 when the president of the urbanisation noticed a string of large transfers from the association’s account to the suspect.

They had been made without any authorisation and had left the urbanisation with an almost €120,000 debt.

Investigators soon discovered the suspect had been stealing funds from several of the accounts he managed.

His total haul is now expected to have reached €600,000.

He has been held since his arrest in March last year and will face trial in 2020.


  1. Our community recently had a meeting, deliberately a day before the international borders opened, to restrict attendance. There serms to be some financial irregularities with the published accounts. Is there somewhere I can report the administrator and president eg a fraud section of the police, who deal with this type of issue? From what I gather, this serms to be quite common, so maybe a blind eye is turned to it by the police and I’m wasting my time?

    Location : Torremolinos

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