TOURISM bosses in Spain have insisted that the country is ‘still safe’ and has ‘all the tools’ to tackle the coronavirus outbreak. 

Minister for tourism Reyes Maroto told press on Tuesday that the government would be activating new protocols among hoteliers and airports and any areas with a large influx of travellers ‘to ensure everyone is informed on how to handle the situation.’

Maroto called for ‘caution’ at a meeting among industry leaders in Madrid, insisting that the number of cases in the country were still very low.

The minister vowed that all precautions were being taken and that visitors should remain calm, reiterating that Spain has ‘all the tools to address the situation and with the best health system in the world.’

Maroto revealed that travel agencies have yet to experience any cancellations but that the data was being ‘constantly monitored’, particularly ahead of Holy Week (Semana Santa).

“What we are most concerned with is that everyone is informed and aware of the protocols,” the minster said.

“Spain is a safe destination for any visitor and no one needs to delay their visit.”

It comes after 1,000 tourists had to be quarantined at the H10 hotel in Tenerife on Tuesday after an Italian tourist there tested positive for coronavirus.

Since then, cases have been confirmed in Madrid, Castellon and Barcelona.

Meanwhile others are awaiting results in Sevilla and Cadiz.

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