HEALTH chiefs are still investigating how a patient in Sevilla picked up the COVID-19 virus. 

The 62-year-old is the first case in Spain to not have travelled to any at risk areas.

Neither did he have any contact with a known patient with the disease.

It means investigators are combing through his timetable from the last few weeks to try and pin point when he picked up the infection.

One lead being probed is a professional meeting the patient had in Malaga.

It is not known where the meeting was held or with whom, but public health spokesperson Jose Maria de Torres said it is one of many lines of enquiry in what is proving to be ‘tedious’ work.

The patient has been isolated at the Virgen del Rocio hospital in the centre of Sevilla city for six days.

Until his case, every other patient had ‘imported’ the virus from Italy.

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