STORM Jorge will rip through Northern Spain, bringing heavy rain and winds of over 100 km/h.

There will be waves of up to five or six metres high, as Spain will end this weekend with the arrival of a cold front that will also bring heavy rain.

According to the Spanish Meteorological Agency (AEMET) meteorological warnings have been put in place for Storm Jorge, which will hit the Spanish peninsula on Saturday and is expected to last until Tuesday.

From tomorrow, the cold front associated with Storm Jorge will cross the peninsula from west to west, leaving rain in Galicia during the early morning that will advance across the rest of the Atlantic and Cantabrian slope. 

In addition, Jorge will also leave winds of up to 100 kilometres per hour in the Galician community, in the Cantabrian Sea and in the north of the Iberian System, which will cause severe sea conditions and will be accompanied by a notable decrease in the daytime temperatures. 

GRAPHIC: AEMET video of Storm Jorge heading across Spain

For Saturday, AEMET has issued orange alerts for strong waves and gusts of wind in Galicia, Cantabria and Asturias and yellow alerts for wind in La Rioja, Navarra and Burgos, as well as Girona and the coastal regions of Andalucia.

In the Canary Islands, however, the weather will remain unchanged.

On Sunday the rain will affect a large part of the Peninsula, except for the south and the Mediterranean, being more intense in the west and southwest of Galicia.

Waves of up to five or six metres are expected in areas of the Cantabrian Sea. 

The adverse weather is expected to intensify on Monday.

A new squall will deepen in the vicinity of the Peninsula and Balearic Islands and will lead to rainfall, strong gusts of wind of up to 110 kilometres per hour and severe sea conditions, with more intensity to the northern and central half of the Iberian Peninsula.

Likewise, the snow level will drop to around 1,000 metres above sea level.

The situation could improve in general terms by Tuesday, although strong gusts of wind are expected to continue in the Mediterranean and the skies will continue to be cloudy leaving some rain in the north of the peninsula.

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