puerto banus sale
Puerto Banus

A THIEF has been sent to the hospital after trying to steal a €200,000 watch from a tourist in Marbella. 

A Belgian man, 36, was dining at a luxury restaurant in Puerto Banus with his partner when he noticed ‘something’ behind him.

When he turned around he saw a young man fleeing the scene and suddenly noticed his Richard Mille watch had disappeared from his wrist.

He leapt from his chair and gave chase to the thief before quickly catching up with him and tackling him to the ground.

A struggle ensued before the robber, a Spaniard of Moroccan descent, hit his head hard and fell unconscious.

The tourist felt his pockets and retrieved his watch, allegedly valued at €200,000, before trying to help the thief come back around.

The watch is a special edition titanium and rose gold Richard Miller.

The thief woke up and tried to escape but the Belgian held him down and told him an ambulance and police were en route and that he was going nowhere.

The thief was taken to the Costa del Sol hospital in Marbella where he was placed under observation for head trauma.

The Belgian’s flight home was a few hours later that day (February 23).

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