HEALTH officials have revealed that a sixth person has been diagnosed with coronavirus in Mallorca.

The latest confirmed case is a relative of a 68-year-old woman who tested positive on Tuesday and is being kept in quarantine at Son Llatzer Hospital.

The woman had contacted the emergency services after presenting flu-like symptoms upon their return from a holiday in Turin, Italy.

This led to the Ministry of Health activating the national protocol where all those who had direct contact with the patient were put under surveillance as a precaution.

The relative had been one of the individuals being actively monitored when he developed symptoms. 

His biological samples were subsequently sent to Son Espases Hospital which produced a positive result for the virus. 

The man is now being kept in an isolation ward at Son Llatzer Hospital as the General Directorate of Public Health has started to work through a list of contacts who may also be infected.  

Meanwhile, the Mayor of Sa Pobla called for calm after two residents were diagnosed with the coronavirus after returning from a trip to Italy.

In an open letter addressed to the public, Llorenc Gelabert explained that the two infected patients were being treated at Inca Hospital and that there should be no cause for alarm from citizens. 

He also urged residents to follow the simple heath guidelines outlined by the Ministry of Health to combat the spread of bacteria.  

“We must follow the general prevention guidelines which includes hygienic measures such as washing your hands and covering your mouths when you sneeze or cough,” said Gelabert. 

So far there have been six confirmed cases of the virus on the island.

This includes four people who had recently returned from a trip to Italy, a British expat who became infected whilst skiing in France and the most recent patient who caught the virus from a relative.

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