THE body of a missing French citizen has been recovered from the Cap Blanc area in Mallorca. 

Yesterday, a lifeless body was seen floating in the sea before it was dragged by the tide onto the rocks, sparking a rescue operation by the Guardia Civil to recover the corpse. 

Emergency teams made their way to the cliffs and climbed down part of the cliffs before abseiling down the steepest part to reach the body.

BAD CONDITIONS: In the sea at Cap Blanc, where the corpse of a man was found

Extremely strong winds had hampered the recovery which made it extremely difficult for a helicopter to approach the cliffs. 

The body was eventually secured on a stretcher and secured aboard.

Close friends of the victim had gathered at the scene as the body was recovered onto dry land before it was transferred to a Medical Institute in Palma for an autopsy.

RISKY: A climber abseils down a rock face in Mallorca

A Guardia Civil probe has now been launched to piece together exactly what happened to the man.

Investigators believe that the victim may have fallen off the cliff and have ruled out that he may have lost control while driving as there was no trace of a vehicle in the waters.

The victim, who is yet to be named, had been reported missing by his friends on Monday after he failed to return home.

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