THE news that the British PM is stepping in to demand action in the tragic ‘preventable’ death of a teenager in Mallorca may finally bring some ‘recognition’ to the tragedy that the family have long fought for.

Although an inquiry previously found that the young lads death could have been easily prevented and a fence has since been erected, the family have received no real justice or damages.

They now fight for prosecution backed by Johnson, as Channon’s death was the third fatality in similar circumstances at the same Magaluf resort in the space of 12 months.

Yes, Tom Channon had been out drinking and yes some young lads may pull some risky stunts in the act of ‘balconing’, but Brits dying from balcony falls is a pattern, and we need to act and to ensure there can be no more untimely deaths.

And so we say Hear Hear Boris!

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