RENFE has announced mass ticket refunds and replacements in its response to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

The rail company will allow all tickets purchased by people who have been affected in some way by Covid-19 to be exchanged for another journey and for another day at no cost to the passenger, regardless of the fare with which the ticket was purchased.

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REFUND: Spain’s Renfe activates train ticket refund amid coronavirus crisis

The refund and reallocation policy is aimed to aid all those affected by the health measures taken to combat the coronavirus crisis.

Those liable for a refund include individuals directly affected by the virus, or have had to comply with the restrictions imposed by the health authorities because they are related to a sick patient.

The measures taken are for tickets purchased for travel since last Monday, March 9.

In addition, all travellers on the Imserso holiday programmes will be able to claim a full refund of their tickets.

Renfe has set up a helpline to deal with this situation. The number is: 918 314 520 and will be available from March 16 to April 30. Renfe staff at the station ticket offices will also be able to assist with changes and cancellations.

In the case of Imserso users, these individuals should contact the authorised agencies that processed the purchase.

This measure will be applied to all Renfe ticket holders as well as those who have a Promo and Mesa fare ticket, which rarely admits changes, and also to customers who have tickets for the new AVLO.

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EMPTY CARRIAGE: Renfe offers various options to refund your ticket

Will Renfe offer a cash refund?

Initially, Renfe has offered to exchange the ticket for another one to travel at a later date. The change will be made at no cost to the user and regardless of the fare with which they purchased the ticket.

However, if the user doesn’t know when they plan to travel, Renfe will reimburse the full cost of the ticket.

In the case of tickets considered ‘non-refundable’ (only the Promo fare or AVLO tickets), Renfe has made it possible for passengers to receive the equivalent of the amount of the train ticket either through points (for those customers in the +Renfe loyalty programme, valid for 3 years) or through a new ‘Return Code’ (with which they can purchase train tickets for the same amount from 1 May to 31 December).

Furthermore, holders of season tickets (Bono AVE, Bono Flexible and Bono Colaborativo) will have their validity extended by 60 days beyond the expiry date of their season ticket, which is currently valid for 4 months.

The World Health Organization on Wednesday officially declared the coronavirus outbreak a global pandemic.

One of the biggest measures public health officials have urged countries to adopt in order to halt the spread of the virus is through social distancing.

This includes avoiding public transport if and when possible.

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HEALTH MEASURES: Avoid public transport if and when possible.
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