GRIEVING families have been banned from holding wakes for the victims of coronavirus in Malaga. 

And people entering civil partnerships in the city will not be allowed to have any guests at their wedding. 

There were amongst the measures announced by the city mayor Francisco de la Torre as the authorities try to bring under control the COVID-19 pandemic that has seen two men aged 70 and 82 die in the Costa del Sol city.

Malaga has been described as the epicentre of coronavirus infections in Andalucia, with the numbers of confirmed cases doubling in 24 hours to 269 by last night (March 13).

De la Torre has activated the city’s emergency plan which puts the Local Police, Fire Department and Civil Protection service on high alert. 

As part of the local measures, wakes for victims of the deadly virus have been banned in private homes. 

mayor malaga
EMERGENCY PLAN: Mayor de la Torre has banned wakes and wedding guests

Civil partnership and wedding ceremonies on council property can still go ahead but only behind closed doors with no guests present. Couples have been given the option of postponing their service at no charge.  

In addition, all children’s playgrounds in parks and beaches have been closed, as have outdoor sports facilities, the Conception Botanical Garden, libraries, monuments, museums and municipal theatres.  

Unlike several Costa del Sol towns, including Fuengirola and Mijas, street markets will be allowed to stay partially open – but only those stalls selling food will be permitted. 

In response to the panic buying that has seen many supermarket shelves emptied, de la Torre reassured the public. He said that food distribution companies spoken to by council representatives had all ‘guaranteed supply.’ 

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