WELL the lockdown has barely begun and many are already crippled by boredom. 

With beaches closed along with restaurants and bars, a trip to the supermarket is about the only exciting activity that remains.

But perhaps the two-week (at least) isolation could present us with an opportunity to try something new or get some things done around the house that we have been putting off for too long. 

Below are some ideas to keep you busy over the next 14 days. 

Get creative in the kitchen

spanish eating habits

The next two weeks will test even the best of home cooks with all meals having to be prepared at home. But with supermarkets remaining open – and hopefully well stocked – it means we will have all the tools necessary to make healthy meals. 

And with so much time to spare, why not get creative in the kitchen? Find some recipes online to recreate at home and get the family involved – if you haven’t throttled them all yet. 

Cooking a big meal can be a therapeutic pass time and help ease your anxiety over the coronavirus pandemic. 

Bake some cakes 

Cake Andres

If you have kids then baking some cookies or a classic lemon drizzle or Victoria Sponge will easily keep them distracted for a few hours. 

If you’re going solo then what better way to distract yourself from the outside chaos? 

Do a spring clean


It is that time of year after all, so why not carry out the dreaded spring clean? 

With all sports banned, at least it will get you off the sofa and get your body moving, while a spic and span home is always a positive for your mental health. 

Read a book

spanish reading rates andalucia bottom

Yes… before the age of film and TV, this is how people would once pass the time. A good book will keep you entertained for hours or if it’s non-fiction, teach you something new. 

If you don’t have any books on your shelves, download some on your iPad or Kindle if you have one.

Practise Spanish 

Speaking Spanish

With so much time on your hands there’s no better time to get cracking on with your Spanish, no matter your level. 

Download Duolingo or Babbel and dedicate some time each day to practice your vocab or grammar. 

Set yourself a target of learning five or 10 new words per day – writing them on pieces of paper or sticky notes and placing them around the house is a good way to learn. 

Have a cocktail night

If you’re locked up with flatmates or your family, treat them and yourselves to a fun cocktail night. 

Look up the recipes for the classics before your next supermarket visit and create your own fun playlist to set the mood – a deck of playing cards will add to the fun.

If you don’t have all of the equipment, head to a supermarket like Carrefour or El Corte Ingles which will most likely stock what you need. 

If we can’t go to bars, we can at least try to recreate them at home. 

Do some exercise

yoga spain

Two weeks locked up in doors can easily translate to a fortnight of slouching on the sofa. It’s important for your circulation and general health that you try to get some form of exercise in. 

Try to do some stretching in the morning or pop on a youtube tutorial for a yoga or low or high intensity workout – depending on your needs/abilities. 

Netflix binge

rs NewNetflixLogo

Well there’s no better time to get locked into a new series. There are dozens of brilliant shows across several streaming platforms, but why not watch a Spanish one to help you with your grasp of the lingo? Casa de Papel, Elite and Toy Boy are all good options. 

If it’s a film you’re after, check out any one of the flicks by Pedro Almodovar, the country’s most successful director. 

Otherwise, settle for a mammoth series which will last you days or weeks, like Game of Thrones, Lost or The Good Wife (although I’m not able to recommend where to find them for legal reasons). 

Board games 

spanish monopoly

If you are in lockdown with others then a heated game of Monopoly could be just what the doctor ordered. 

If you’re lucky enough to have a poker set, a poker night (with aforementioned cocktails) is a great way to pass an evening. 

Or just have a game of cards in the sun. 

If you’re an adult with kids – get to learn how their game consoles work and binge play some games.

Get some sun

Sunny Beach

Staying indoors for two weeks will run the risk of seeing your Vitamin D levels drop – as well as affecting your mental health. 

If you live on private land, try to get outside each day or if you have a balcony, try to make sure you get some sunshine. 

Otherwise, stock up on Vitamin D supplements.

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