Red Cross Scam
Alleged letter posted on wall from Red Cross Spain warning of scam

THE Red Cross has warned against a scam targeting the most vulnerable amid the ongoing coronavirus lockdown in Spain. 

A letter uploaded to social media purporting to be from the medical agency warned that people were posing as medics and entering homes to carry out ‘disinfection procedures’ and carry out tests.

“It’s not true,” read the letter, allegedly from the Red Cross of Lerma, in Castilla y Leon, “neither the health ministry or Red Cross are sending people to homes unless they have arranged so by telephone beforehand.

“This is a scam, they are thieves who are taking advantage of the situation and robbing homes while pretending to disinfect them.”

The Spanish Red Cross told the Olive Press today: “The Red Cross is not carrying out any health tests in homes in Spain.”

It comes as the number of cases in Spain has now surpassed 8,000.

The country will remain on lockdown for the next 14 days.

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