CORONAVIRUS restrictions have halted the deportation of illegal immigrants from Spain.

The restrictions imposed by countries on travellers from Spain has temporarily stopped the forced repatriation of illegal immigrants, according to El Pais.

The two nationalities that have the most illegal immigrants present in the Iberian country are Morocco and Algeria, but both have closed their borders.

Police sources acknowledge that given the travel restrictions imposed by land, air and sea, for an indefinite period, it will not be possible to return illegals at the moment.

In 2017, nationals from the two North African countries accounted for 75% of the 9,326 deportations, according to government data.

The same problem exists with Colombia, Paraguay, Ecuador, the Dominican Republic, Romania and Georgia, who are next on the list of countries that have the most illegal immigrants in Spain.

These countries don’t allow people from Spain to enter either.

The only exception among the top countries is Brazil, who has still not closed its borders.

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