POOCH: Benjamin, aged nine, was stopped while walking with his British owner

A BRITISH expat has reportedly been threatened with arrest for walking his dog amid the coronavirus lockdown. 

The 52-year-old, who asked not to be named, was walking his rescue dog Benjamin in Torre del Mar when a Policia Local car pulled up beside him.

Officers allegedly chastised him for walking his pooch near an unfinished urbanisation in the Viña Malaga area.

“They took all my details and told me next time they would arrest me and file a denuncia,” the Brit told the Olive Press today.

“It’s getting archaic… I was within 500 metres of my home and the area where I was walking has no properties, just an unfinished urbanisation.”

The police allegedly threatened the expat with arrest if he was caught walking in the same area again.

“They told me I should not be going for ‘long’ walks and that I should take the dog out to ‘pee pee then go back to casa’… is that the official ruling now?”

The royal decree issued last week says dog owners are permitted to take their furry friends out for a walk but it must be done by one person.

You must also use ‘common sense’ and keep your distance from other walkers, which the Brit said he made sure to do, having only seen three others walking their dogs.

While initially the General Directorate of Animal Law only allowed short trips to ‘cover the dog’s physical needs’, health director Fernando Simon clarified earlier this week that the usual walk is allowed, reported El Diario.

He said: “Taking the pet for a walk has not been limited to a set time.”

The Briton told this paper that people have not been informed enough.

“We’ve heard so many things and the fact is we are not informed enough, the authorities need to be making things absolutely clear and doing more to help us know the exact rules.”

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