SPANISH airports and ports will be closed from midnight tonight. 

All travellers will be barred from entering unless they are Spanish, have residency or are citizens of the European Union.

The decision was agreed by the government yesterday in coordination with other European countries.

It comes a week after Spain shut its land borders with Gibraltar, France and Portugal.

The goal is to reduce coronavirus contagion to a minimum.

To the previously mentioned exceptions are added those with a long-term visa, cross-border workers, health or elderly care professionals, merchandise transporters, diplomatic staff and people travelling for unavoidable family reasons or another justified reason.

The order also allows for cargo vital to the economy and the health system to enter Spain.

The Interior Ministry said ‘the Spanish authorities will collaborate with transporters and foreign authorities’  to ensure all merchandise traffic can continue its journey smoothly.

The new order does not add restrictions to the Gibraltar border or the crossing into Andorra, reported Diario Sur.

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