ROADS around Andalucia started to go on complete lockdown this afternoon.

Police roadblocks were thrown up by Guardia Civil and Policia Local in most towns and villages.

The main motorways and inter-regional A-roads were all but shut to all traffic, apart from four classes of vehicle.

These are police and auxiliary vehicles, army and transport lorries, as well as locals with valid certificates to work.

Various police roadblocks went up on the A-7 in Marbella, while Olive Press readers reported on them in dozens of other towns.

A police roadblock manned by two local police in Arriate was stopping every passing car and lorry.

“We’ve been told to stop and question everyone,” Manuel, from Alcala del Valle, told the Olive Press.

“So far almost everyone is obeying the rules, apart from a few youths.

“This is going to be incredibly hard for us Andalucians given how sociable we normally are.”

In Ronda, a man walking a dog actually called the police when the Olive Press asked him questions.

Within two minutes, two cars with four masked police swooped on our reporter.

After checking credentials and calling through to superiors he was allowed to continue reporting and taking pictures.

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