MERCADONA announced that it will be bringing in further safety measures to its supermarkets from Monday. 

This comes as the coronavirus pandemic progresses and the number of those infected continues to rise. 

The store will now install protective, separation screens at the tills, as well as implementing the mandatory use of gloves by customers, which will be dispensed at the entrances. 

These measures were announced by the supermarket chain in a statement, in which it stressed that these precautions are taken with the aim of ‘strengthening health and safety measures’ for customers and workers from Monday 23 March. 

Mercadona already increased its security protocols due to panic buying and the implementation of the state of alarm, these measures included; customers entering the store alone, reducing its opening hours and asking that customers keep at least a metre distance from other shoppers.  

Hand sanitiser and paper are also widely available to disinfect trolley handles and the supermarket assures that its stores are cleaned and disinfected daily. 

The installation of the screens will be carried out progressively during this week. 

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