AMID the unfolding coronavirus pandemic, citizens across Mallorca have joined forces in acts of solidarity to show that not all heroes wear capes.

While the majority have the privilege of staying at home during lockdown, many have been out doing vital work, risking their lives to keep the island functioning.

In Santa Maria, local farmers have been out in force disinfecting the town on their tractors.

Convening in the central square after a full day of work on their farms, the group work through the night sanitising footpaths, public seating and playgrounds.

farmers mallorca
HEROES: Farmers convene nightly to disinfect Santa Maria.

As the public swarm supermarkets, snapping up everything from jamon iberico to toilet paper, store employees continue to replenish shelves to ensure household essentials remain available.

Despite increasing their risk of infection through a service deemed necessary by the Spanish Government, their warmth and positive spirit provide moments of relief for many during such uncertain times.

Employees uplift spirits at Carrefour in Palma.

From Carrefour in Palma to Hipercentro in Inca, heartwarming videos have emerged on social media, serving as a poignant reminder of their daily efforts to sell food and staples to a country that is battling an unprecedented health crisis.

A moment of humour at a Hipercentro in Inca.

No efforts could be admired more than those of healthcare workers who put their lives at risk working around the clock to battle the virus.

Out of the total confirmed infections on the island, 36 health professionals have been infected, and more than 250 are being actively monitored for COVID-19.

This includes the head of Cardiology at Manacor Hospital, who is now fighting for his life in the ICU.

Policia local palma
UNSUNG HEROES: A Policia Local officer taking vital supplies to Son Espases Hospital (credit: SR Coating Solutions Palma)

Police officers are also more than worthy of respect and appreciation as they continue to work on the frontline in the war against the spread of coronavirus.

Catching lockdown rebels terrorising the streets, transferring critical supplies to hospitals and ensuring that the general public remain indoors, the courage they have shown is frankly commendable.

THANK YOU: A round of applause for a local police patrol.

Even those in lockdown have been able to assist police officers from the comfort of their own homes, putting themselves to use as lookouts from their balconies.

From a citizen catching an arsonist setting fire to a rubbish container in the capital, to a woman alerting the emergency services of an imminent car theft, in just one week, the crime rate on the island has plummeted by a whopping 80%.

Thank you to all who are showing up and braving the outbreak to help others, despite the prevalent risks and all-encompassing fears.

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