The coronavirus has had an impact on the entire world. Since the virus is relatively new, there is little known about how it will continue to affect the global population. While there is currently no cure available, there are plenty of ways to help the government fight the coronavirus.

7 Ways To Help Beat The Coronavirus

1.) Wear a mask when traveling. Much of battling the coronavirus involves prevention. By managing how many germs or potential bacteria you are spreading, the virus can be more easily contained. A surgical mask lessens the exposure so that small particles do not enter the nose or mouth.

2.) Keep surfaces clean. Staying clean and regularly washing surfaces like computer screens or tables are crucial to preventing the spread of contamination. Using a Berkey water filter that reduces bacteria, cysts, parasites and unhealthy chemicals can keep you healthier than using just tap water. Using clean water is responsible not just when drinking, but also cleaning.

3.) Avoid close contact. Social distancing is highly recommended. By allowing for space between you and another person, you are less likely to become infected or to infect someone else. Not everyone who has the virus experiences symptoms. For those who do not realize they have it, spreading the virus can be even easier.

4.) Seek medical care early. If you experience a cough, fever or difficulty breathing, seeking medical care early can help you and others around you. Testing is available for most people and when treated earlier, there is less potential for high risk health scenarios. If you do not experience flu-like symptoms or have not been around others who may be sick, staying at home is recommended for the time being. While it’s important to get treated early, exposing yourself to other sick people if you do not have coronavirus symptoms may be harmful.

5.) Wash your hands. Regularly washing hands is imperative to preventing the spread of the coronavirus. Some of us touch surfaces on an hourly basis. Computer screens, smartphones and tablets are all likely to have bacteria. By washing hands for at least twenty seconds, you can reduce the amount of germs that can possibly make you or others sick.

6.) Avoid touching your face. Even when washing hands on a regular basis, touching your face is not a good idea. Hands can spread bacteria at an alarming rate and by touching your face, you are increasing the odds of infecting yourself.

7.) Stay informed. The news is changing every day and staying on top of the newest information can help you stay protected. While there is currently no cure, vaccines are being tested on a regular basis. To better protect you and those around you, keeping an eye on the news is essential.


The coronavirus is a pandemic that everyone is facing. By working together, we have the best chance of protecting ourselves and eradicating the virus. Although there is little known as to how we can destroy this virus, the news is changing every day. Preventative measures, like quarantining and avoiding people that may be sick are both excellent ways to help the government fight this pandemic. If you must work from out of the home, keeping proper hygiene and physically distancing yourself as much as possible from others can do wonders for you and the society we live in.

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