COMPANIES in Spain have begun 3D printing much needed medical supplies for the ongoing coronavirus fight. 

More than 700 people have combined their 3D production capabilities to create protective screens for health professionals in Asturias.

It comes after an initiative launched by Makers Asturias saw the tech company release instructions on its website for anyone wanting to collaborate in the project.

The 3D printers, already loaded with plastic, are digitally sent the design of the base of the masks before a tiny nozzle begins oozing out molten plastic, layer by layer.

Once printed, plastic screens are then inserted into the bases to create a protective mask.

Big companies have come aboard the project, including steel-working giant ArcerlorMittal, which has offered up its facilities to begin mass production using its many 3D printers.

Once made, the masks are then taken to hospitals by another company, escorted by Guardia Civil.

All masks are disinfected before being put into use.

This past weekend alone saw almost 200 screens sent to different hospitals in the region.

“We are very happy with the reception we are having among the creator community, we are already 700 in Asturias, but we need more people who can print,” said Carlos Vega, vice president of Makers Asturias, at Conecta Industria.

Anyone wanting to get involved can find out more here.

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