A MAN has been arrested for blocking a road with stones to rob the drivers that were forced to stop in Sevilla, Andalucia. 

The 40-year-old man allegedly placed a barricade of stones on the road next to the Chabolista settlement of El Vacie to rob the occupants that were forced to stop during the night. 

The incidents were reported to emergency services after 10:30pm on Tuesday.  

It is thought that there were several people involved in trying to steal from the occupants of the cars.  

When local police approached the barricade near Glorieta Berrocal in an unmarked car, they could see the detainee carrying a large stone and others from a distance approached them with the alleged intention of committing a robbery. 

It was reported by police that the man threw the stone and ran when approached by the officers and resisted arrest when the officers caught up with him in El Vacie. 

The detainee had 18 previous arrests.

The investigation into the full events and those involved is ongoing. 

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