TWO tourists allegedly headed to Gibraltar on their catamaran have been prohibited from making a pitstop in Mallorca.

A German couple had attempted to dock their boat in Port d’Andratx on Friday morning.

The vessel was intercepted by the Guardia Civil who are currently surveilling the port which is closed under the Government’s lockdown rules.

It is understood that when officers went onboard, the pair hid in the boat’s quarters.

Upon being questioned, investigators say the couple claimed they had a residence and boat rental company in Mallorca and wanted to refuel before setting sail to Gibraltar.

However, the Guardia Civil were able to verify that the couple did not in fact own any property or business on the island and would therefore be blocked from entering.

Before turning the tourists away, the Guardia Civil granted permission for the pair to take diesel and provisions from the Port d’Andratx Sailing Club.

As per the state of emergency decree to halt the spread of coronavirus, all ports have been closed across the island and private boats are strictly prohibited.

It comes a week after a British woman was blocked from entering Mallorca to holiday at her friend’s vacant home.

Although Son Sant Joan airport is open, it is running a heavily reduced service for repatriation purposes only.

Entry is restricted to residents of the Balearic Islands or those registered at an address in Mallorca.


  1. we have had booked a catamaran charter with Real Yacht Charter this April in Mallorca. But even for residents in Mallorca no possibility…all the ports of Mallorca will be closed all the April. Hope it will end soon

    Location : palma

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