THE police have seized 1,681 litres of a cleaning product falsely sold as hand sanitiser in Catalunya.

A citizen alerted the Mossos in Terrassa, a town in the province of Barcelona, that a hydroalcoholic gel with contradictory labels was being sold in a shop nearby.

The police officers were able to see how the packaging suggested that the product was designated for hand hygiene, such as hand sanitisers that are used to prevent the spread of germs.

However, on another part of the container and in very small print, it was specified that the product had to be used with gloves and to avoid contact with skin.

For this reason, agents of the Criminal Investigation Division, along with the pharmaceutical and health products control service of the Ministry of Health, opened an investigation.

The product was published on the marketing company’s website as a hand gel used against coronavirus, something which is false.

The Ministry of Health confirmed that the product was not authorised by the Spanish Agency for Medicines and Health Products as a biocide.

They sent a complaint to the company to stop manufacturing and distributing the product.

Despite this however the company did not respond, so the Mossos went to their factories in the town of Rubi and stopped all manufacturing, along with seizing all the products present and filing a denuncia against the company.


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