GUARDIA CIVIL have dispersed a group of men who had gathered to slaughter a pig as more cases of people ignoring the coronavirus alert come to light. 

Police say that the men were not only contravening the alert that keeps people indoors as well as health and safety regulations, but were also treating the event ‘like a party.’ 

Pig Slaughter
SLAUGHTER: Police moved in while on coronavirus patrol.

Officers have now reported those present at the slaughtering in the Sevilla province town of Las Navas de la Concepcion. 

The police had been on patrol looking for anyone breaking the coronavirus restrictions placed on the entire country when they came across the gathering. 

They say no sanitary or hygiene measures were in place, and none of the relevant permits to carry out the slaughter were granted.

Elsewhere, Guardia Civil have tracked down five young men aged 22 and 23 who were in a video of a party held in violation of the state of alert restrictions. 

In it they are seen to mock the restrictions as they stand around a bonfire, in a village near Granada, beer bottles in hand. 

Police have now charged them with failing to comply with the state of alert and they face fines. 

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