A MAN in northern Spain is facing a fine up to €60,000 for visiting a supermarket after having taken a test for coronavirus.

Guardia Civil stopped the man, 49, and his wife, 38, after they were spotted shopping together in Calahorra, La Rioja.

During questioning the man produced a medical certificate showing he had just the day before submitted to a test for Covid-19.

The man was showing ‘clear signs of being infected’ and obliged to self-isolate at home until issued with his results.

Agents have filed a ‘denuncia’ against the man for a ‘serious’ crimesagainst public health. According to law 33/2011 in Spain’s Codigo Penal, the resulting fine is between €3,001 – 60,000.

The man’s wife has been issued with a denuncia for breaking Spain’s rules of confinement – during the state of alarm, the public must travel and shop alone, save for medical reasons.

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