ONE young man living under coronavirus lockdown in Spain has taken home workouts to new heights.

A video shot this morning shows the innovative lad doing dozens of laps of his rooftop terrace on the Costa del Sol.

In the footage, taken in Sabinillas, he can be seen jogging back and forth across the outdoor area in a grey tracksuit.

It appeared the man was seizing the day over his neighbours, many of whose shutters remained closed.

SEIZING THE DAY: Runner goes for morning jog on rooftop terrace

Despite his impressive efforts, the runner still has a way to go to match the feat of a Chinese man who ran a marathon around his house.

Pan Shancu from Hangzhou captured his heroics on film as he completed his 31-mile solo run around two tables.

He finished his 6,250 laps in a brisk 4:48:44, while his country remained on total lockdown, preventing him from leaving the house.

In Spain balconies have become an area of entertainment for many, as well as a space to connect with neighbours.

Every night at 8pm, Spaniards across the country take to their windows and balconies to applaud and cheer for the health services and the police.

Many have also been hosting balcony raves and blasting retro tune Resistire, while Madrilenos have been playing ‘balcony bingo’ and others have even held a balcony protest against Spain’s disgraced ex-king Juan Carlos.

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