CITIZENS in Galicia have taken to their balconies to sing Happy Birthday to Amancio Ortega.

The founder of Zara turned 84 over the weekend and was serenaded by citizens and health workers alike.

Neighbours applauded the Spaniard and ambulances sounded their sirens to thank him for donating 300,000 face masks and sanitary gowns.

The idea was to thank Ortega for his donations to the health authorities.

A message that circulated on social media said: “At 9pm we will go out on to the balconies to sing ‘Happy Birthday’ and applaud him for his commitment to the Spanish public health system and specifically in the fight against coronavirus.”

Galician President Alberto Nunez Feijoo also thanked Ortega for his ‘selfless acts’.

“It is vital, both what he donated but also for the logistics and transportation devices.

“I cannot imagine the distribution of these materials without the Inditex company.

“Without the planes, most of the materials that entered Spain would still be in China and the masks being distributed throughout Galicia would not have been possible,” stressed the leader of the Galician government.

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