BULLFIGHTERS have asked the Government for €700 million to help save the ‘sport’.

The coronavirus crisis has caused the ‘sport’ to lose a lot of income as events have had to be cancelled.

In a letter to the Culture Minister, Jose Manuel, several bullfighting organisations suggested the Government should refund tickets for cancelled shows, cover vet bills, pay matadors’ wages and even requested further IVA reductions.

However, this has raised a lot of criticism from animal rights groups.

Marta Esteban, a spokesperson for Animal Guardians said: “In a moment in which the rest of Spain is giving its all to help each other, the bullfighting world is thinking on how to get money from us to help themselves.

“The business of torturing animals for entertainment should never get public funding, much less now when the health system and helping the neediest should be the priority.”

This comes after the number of bulls killed in the Iberian country decreased by 56% during the last decade according to PETA.

The number of bulls killed in rings in 2008 was 16,000 and only 7,000 ten years later in 2018.

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