A PAIR of patients who had tested positive for coronavirus and escaped from hospitals in Madrid have been found in the province of Malaga.

Both cases took place within a couple of hours of each other yesterday, a quite obscure coincidence.

The first man was stopped by police in Malaga and was asked why he was outside.

Upon hearing his reply, the officers realised that he matched the description of a patient who had escaped from Malaga Regional Hospital two days earlier.

The agents then decided to check whether their theory was correct and also found out that this was the second time he had fled from a hospital, having done the same thing in Madrid.

The police filed a denuncia against the individual for both breaking the lockdown rules, but more importantly for the risk he posed to the public by walking around and possibly spreading the virus.

There was a second, similar case in the province however, this time in Nerja.

Guardia Civil agents intercepted a man who had been diagnosed as positive for Covid-19 and had recently arrived in the area, after escaping from a hospital in the Spanish capital.

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