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The coronavirus crisis has resulted in many more people becoming aware that buying and storing vast numbers of plastic water bottles is not the cheapest, greenest or even safest option for drinking water in Spain. Apart from the bottles’ sheer weight, pollution and cost, there is no way of knowing or controlling how many people have touched the bottles previously. Considering the price alone, if you calculate that a 6 litre bottle of water lasts one person two days and costs on average 1.25- 1.80€, that means just one person spends nearly 300€ a year on bottled water. Add to that price the “time cost” of queueing in the supermarket, contact with strangers, petrol cost, physical strain of heaving tons of water a month, and it becomes clear we are throwing a lot of time and money away buying bottled water, not to mention the thousands of needless plastic bottles we throw away. Have you noticed the beaches are gradually filling with more and more of these waste plastic bottles.

Bottled water is also not even a guarantee of purity. Much of bottled water comes straight from the normal supply. Water in plastic bottles has been shown to contain microplastic particles, which you will take into your body. Microplastic particles of plastics have been demonstrated to imitate hormones in our biology and has been indicated as a possible cause for conditions such as infertility, high blood pressure and cancers amongst others.

So, what is one of the best filtration systems for high quality water in your home in Spain, that also removes micro plastic particles?

The Eco Puro water filtration system

Made in Germany, The Eco Puro water filtration system is specifically designed to give high quality drinking water. The uniquely powerful and plastic free ECO PURO coconut carbon active filter system provides high quality water retaining vital minerals, whilst removing pesticides, chlorine, chloramine, THMs(Trihalomethanes, side product of Chlorine reacting with organic matter. It a recognized health hazard), and reducing lime. Microplastic particles are also removed from the tap water and the smallest pathogens, bacteria, legionella, viruses and germs are safely held back.

Upto 20 x more efficient than other carbon filter solutions on the market

The Carbon coconut block filtering is the most effective and the only environmentally friendly method to filter water efficiently. It is also the only 100% biodegradable system.

The solid block design is up to 20 x more efficient than other carbon filter solutions, Just 50 grams equals 10 football pitches of surface that the water runs through, yet the filter retains a flowrate up to 9l/min.

Eco Puro One Of Best Water Filtration Systems Spain

Banish bad taste and odors

The Coconut active block carbon filter will filter out chlorine, chloramine, THMs and taste impairments in your water, improving the quality of your drinking water and the flavour of your coffee, tea, boiled food etc.

Filtration of microplastics

The ultra-fine activated carbon filter (pore size: 0,45 ?m) holds back microscopically small plastic particles.

Reduction of pesticides and residues of medicinal products

Organic compounds, such as pesticide residues, herbicides, insecticides, medication residues, hormones and hormone-like substances will be strongly reduced

Filtration of heavy metals

The absorbing effect of the activated carbon block binds heavy metals such as lead, copper and rust from your drinking water.

Eco Filter102 Plastic Free

Zero plastic and 100% biodegradable, and German Made

No plastic is used in the filters. ZERO. The housing is made of anodized and food grade alloy and our filter cartridges are made from sustainable, ecological materials. Only the highest possible quality materials are used. The filter is produced in Germany in collaboration with ALB filters and CARBONIT®

Low running cost

Filter cartridge change recommendation according to DIN 1988 (industry standards) every 6 months – that is just 49 EUROS per year.

Easy and fast installation

The filter is installed either discreetly under your sink, or directly at your tap, depending on what setup works the best for you. If you live between Estepona and Torremolinos you have the further option to get the filter delivered, installed and tested as well (as soon as the lockdown has been lifted). You can easily uninstall and take both filter types with you to a new property if required

Avoid plastic bottles

You WILL BE making a huge difference in the fight against plastic bottles, and at the same time saving money and avoiding having to carry heavy water bottles in the Spanish heat.

Upto 9l Minute Flow

ECO PURO- The Balance shower filter

The water in Spain can leave hair dry and lifeless, due to the high levels of heavy metals, chlorine and THMs and other pollutants. With the unique ECO PURO shower filter, pollutants are extracted by the active carbon and copper-zinc alloys. DERMA beads in the shower filter consisting of more than 30 minerals give a velvety soft shower experience that leaves the skin soft and supple.  At the same time, PH Fix beads regulate the PH of the water and reduce lime.

All this results in beautiful velvet soft skin and a SPA experience in your very own shower.

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