A PARKING lot in Catalunya has been turned into a coffin depot due to the coronavirus crisis.

Funeral service companies are being overrun by demand and are running out of options of where to turn for help.

Dozens of coffins already occupy sections of all three floors of the parking lot in the province of Barcelona.

The lot is being made ready in order to be able to house additional coffins, to help with the funeral preparations of those dying in the Catalan capital.

The coffins are kept in a space with low temperature to avoid the collapse that occured in Madrid and so that the bodies don’t have to wait in the health centres until they’re buried.

An EFE photographer today was able to see how the coffins are gathered in the parking lot and being prepared for the funerals.

He spoke with El Mundo and said: “It impresses me and saddens me at the same time.”

This comes after Spain experienced its highest number of casualties today during the pandemic, with 950 fatalities.

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