INLAND Axarquia saw an impressive blanket of hail fall yesterday after severe storms swept across western Andalucia.

Alcaucin, La Vinuela, Canillas de Aceitunas and Sedella were left with a covering of up to 10 centimetres of hail after an intense 20 minute storm which also brought heavy rain and thunder to areas across Malaga and Subbetica.

The scene in Canillas de Aceitunas beautifully captured by Sergio Canillas @posyo77

The meteorological phenomenon lasted less than half an hour, but left agricultural crops and sub tropical orchards critically damaged.

Proteccion Civil officers have been patrolling the affected areas but confirm there has been no structural or residential damage caused by the medium sized hail. 

Important medical workers currently caring for the ill effects of COVID-19 also took a brief break to witness the severe storm. 

The storm, which has passed across Western Andalucia this past week has produced some significant rainfall and rattled windows with some intense thunderstorms.

Meteorological observer at Moron Air Force base, Antonio de Hoyo also managed to capture a spectacular tornado over the city of Seville.


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