NETFLIX’S hit show, La Case de Papel has returned for its fourth season.

The Spanish show that has captivated audiences worldwide returned today with eight episodes, all available now on the online streaming platform.

With the lockdown in Spain essentially confining the majority of the population at home, the new season offers up the perfect binge watch opportunity for people.

The show which in English is titled Money Heist, is set in Madrid where a group of robbers steal millions from the Government.

Although the first two seasons were set in the Fabrica Nacional de Moneda y Timbre, the third season was set at the National Bank of Spain.

The ending of season three had a couple of big victories for the police forces, with Nairobi getting shot and Lisbon getting arrested, with the Professor thinking she’s in fact dead.

The series has its audience used to twist and turns so we can expect the Professor and his team to have a few tricks up their sleeve for this upcoming season.

The show has won multiple awards both in Spain and internationally, winning the Best Drama Series award at the 2018 Emmys.

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