IT is not often you get to include yourself in a select group of publishers, some who’ve been in business for OVER A CENTURY.

But this week our online portal has soared to new heights… and even above the UK’s long-established Daily Mirror, set up in 1903.

Sitting at 134th position in the most-read websites in the UK this week, we are also above the Metro, the Daily Star AND every regional newspaper you can name, according to Amazon’s 

It is a true honour to be jostling for position with one of the true greats of British publishing, the campaigning Mirror, a once five-million selling tabloid, whose famous editor Hugh Cudlipp, wrote the book Publish and be Damned!

Of course, we know much of this is down to the current coronavirus crisis, but equally it is down to our excellent team of hard-working journalists.

Placa Espanya Palma
LIFE UNDER LOCKDOWN: The Olive Press has continued to operate through Spain’s coronavirus crisis (pictured: a cyclist in Palma de Mallorca’s Placa d’Espanya ©theOlivePress)

The group of 14 scribes scattered around the country (and one currently trapped in London), have written a steady stream of exclusive stories on the biggest health emergency of our times.

So good they are, that over three days last week, one lazy, low-rent local rag, copied A SHOCKING 34 of them onto its website within a few hours of us publishing them.

But that’s not all.

Top 200 in Spain

In Spain, our website has also soared into the Top 200, sitting at 183rd position this week.

And globally, we sit at 6,406th most important site (by hits), if you accept Alexa’s analytics.

But even if you don’t you’ll hopefully trust our actual Google analytics figures, which we publish above.

They make for enticing reading for any business owner looking to get seen around Spain in these troubling times.

2.4 million audience in March

For if you had a banner on our website, or a story – be it a sponsored, native or natural post – you could have been seen by up to 2.4 MILLION unique visitors in March alone.

Now the country is just a couple of weeks from finally opening up again, isn’t it time you gave us a call to see how we can help get your business a much-needed post-COVID-19 head start?


  1. Yes – VERY WELL DONE.

    I used to only occasionally open your emailed links, but with your excellent and clear reporting I now open everything you send me, and read several of the relevant stories – which are generally well written. Keep it up.


    Location : Costa Brava / EASTBOURNE
  2. Article says ‘if you accept Alexa’s rankings’ so to be fair you should also state rankings from elsewhere including Google analytics otherwise it could be construed as bias & Moz using Google shows the Mirror at 125, Standard at 359, and strangely Alexa’s ranking at 474. Haven’t found the OP’s ranking yet on there, as in November it was 12,636th in World rankings! I take Alexa’s rankings with a pinch of salt at present as I do with advertising everywhere.
    Mind you any rise in any analytics must be good! The OP has always been a useful read to expose scams in Spain and to help readers avoid pitfalls.

    Location : T Wells
    • Hi, that’s why we quote and make that clear… We also do well on other comparison sites. But the position goes up and down… And by the way the Google Analytics were published alongside the article in the printed paper…and are freely available to any potential advertiser… They showed 4.3 million visitors and 6.8m hits in March…

  3. Thanks for replying, we do occasionally use analytics but I must say we’d not heard of Alexa as an analytics service before. Totally agree how up and down positions go, it’d be good if there was an available site that compares say the top 10 similar sites to see how positions vary on each of them, and which sites are the most reliable.

    Location : T Wells

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