TWO expats in Andalucia, frustrated and unable to work during the lockdown, have found a creative way to support those most at risk during the coronavirus crisis.

The two retired healthcare professionals from Jerez de la Frontera, Cadiz wanted to find a way to show their solidarity as they admire the professionals ‘who put their lives in jeopardy when they go out every day,’ leading to a brave plan of shaving their heads.

Lesley Horn, 71, from Canada and partner Andrea Underwood, 70, from the UK, have lived in Spain for five years and wanted to give back to Spain after feeling frustrated and helpless.

FRUSTRATED: Lesley and Andrea before the plan

Lesley who still works on a four week rota basis in the UK, got stuck at home and was unable to return to work when the lockdown restrictions came into effect.

“I’m stuck and so frustrated that I can’t do anything to get back with my colleagues and work with the most vulnerable,” Lesley told the Olive Press.

“We have made Spain our home, we have embraced the culture, its people and everything Spanish and our compassion for others can leave us depressed and helpless.”

So, one morning Lesley found herself asking her partner: “What do you think about shaving our heads as an act of solidarity, see if our hair grows faster than the lockdown?”

Both in agreement, they carried out their act of solidarity on March 29.

AFTER: The couple now hope to raise money

The couple received support from their family after sending pictures once the deed was done.

Lesley’s son in Canada said: “Mother you look like a monk, are you joining a monastery?”

A friend said: “I’m glad I called. It made me laugh, crazy pair. Brilliant!”

They received other supportive comments such as: “A bald gesture! Maybe we judge the length of lockdown by how long it takes to grow?”

And: “My goodness you WERE bored! Have you tried knitting?”

It was one specific comment however, that planted the seed of raising money: “I actually think it looks pretty cool, you should have done a sponsorship!”

Lesley then began the task of trying to find a local charity to donate any money they raise.

The couple wanted to give to a charity supporting those in need during this time of crisis.

Lesley says: “So, my partner and I have shaved our heads. 

“We’re not asking you to shave yours! 

“But you could donate to our cause Homeless Entrepreneur and, for fun, make a bet on how long our hair will grow once we get through this awful time and lockdown is lifted.”

Lesley and Andrea have also committed themselves to donating €8 per centimetre their hair grows.

To make a donation and see how Lesley and Andrea are getting on go to

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