EASTER has come and gone and not much has changed in London, similarly to the rest of Europe.

The weather was stunning and it would’ve been the perfect bank holiday weekend, if not for the pandemic.

My family is Greek Orthodox, so we celebrate a week late, which is why Easter Sunday for us is this upcoming weekend.

Pascua or Pascha as it’s pronounced in Greek, is a big holiday for us, with a LOT of food, including a whole lamb on the spit and many guests.

Next weekend, reality will therefore hit my family a lot harder, reminding us that life is very different this year.

We still made the most of the nice weather however yesterday and had a fish barbecue to celebrate the start of our Holy Week.

At the same time as my father finally had some days off to recharge his batteries from the NHS, I was working over the weekend, as this coronavirus crisis has been the busiest period for journalists.

People are looking to us for information so we’re all working around the clock to stay on top of the news.

Similarly to me, London didn’t take a day off either – as it never does – even on a coronavirus Easter Sunday.

Driving around you would see a number of people out and about, doing their exercise, or going on walks to take in the weather, or even going to the supermarket, which once again had queues outside.

If on a pandemic stricken bank holiday the city doesn’t stop, then it never will. 


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