LAST weekend may have been one of the Rock’s quietest Easter weekends in recent history.

The public was told to remain at home to avoid infection from the Coronavirus.

Many Gibraltarian families would have been at the beach or together at their homes in Spain, having family gatherings – but not this year.

Police officers had been patrolling the beaches to make sure that activities other than exercising were not going ahead over the weekend.

With the numbers rising around the world of confirmed COVID-19 cases, the only thing which continues to rise in Gibraltar are the number of recoveries.

Over 1,650 swab tests have been taken in Gibraltar, with 39 active cases and 129 confirmed cases in total since the first case in early March.

Three COVID positive elderly residents from ERS are soon to be declared recovered.

This will lower the total of active cases to 36, according to Gibraltar minister Gilbert Licudi.

This means that the number recovered cases will rise to 93, contrasting to last Monday’s total recovered cases of 52, and active cases of 57.

“As expected, the number of confirmed cases has gone up, but we have not seen the exponential rise that we have seen in other countries,” said Licudi.

Licudi Press Conf
TODAY: Minister Gilbert Licudi explains that measures will continue


The minister said ‘we must not let our guard down’ despite the lowering of active cases and the rising number of recovered cases.

“We must redouble our efforts in our fight against COVID-19,” he urged.

“Had we not taken the measures that we have taken, the figures we have would have told a different, and probably more sombre story.”

Licudi said that Gibraltar’s lockdown rules will remain the same as long as they are necessary, unlike other countries which are relaxing lock-down restrictions.

“The time will come when we all enjoy our time out in the open, or socialising as we used to,” he concluded.

“For now we need to put our self interest to one side, and act for the collective good.”

A meeting will be held tomorrow by Cabinet minister to assess the measures taken and how to proceed.

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