THE police in Barcelona have filed a denuncia against ten people for breaking lockdown rules and going into a forest to perform satanic rituals.

The events took place around 13:30 yesterday.

Volunteers from the Forest Defense Group (ADF) who were on routine patrol in the Mas Duran area, located the group and alerted the police that they were practicing a ‘satanic ritual’.

When the police officers arrived on the scene, they saw ten people in black robes praying and speaking an ‘unintelligible’ language.

The ‘satanists’ were also recording themselves on video cameras.

Upon seeing the police, the group tried to flee, however they were caught by the officers who filed denuncias against them for breaking lockdown rules and jeopardising public health.

The news was made public on the Policia Local de Montcada i Reixac’s twitter page.

This comes as also yesterday, a woman stripped naked on the Costa del Sol and climbed on police cars.

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