A POLICE spokesperson has confirmed that officers will be allowed to sing Happy Birthday to children during the state of emergency.

On Saturday, a controversy arose when the Junta in Andalucia called the local police stations and told them not to stop and sing Happy Birthday to people.

The statement said: “Local police should not participate in parades or birthday greetings, situations that would distract officers from their essential tasks during the state of emergency.”

Many policemen and women in the region however defied the Junta’s order and still continued to show their ‘human’ side.

This was the argument that Pilar Alluega, spokeswoman for the Policia Nacional used in explaining why the police will still be allowed to partake in birthday celebrations on the streets.

“We must remember that the first purpose of the police is to protect the rights and freedoms of citizens, but it’s also true that before police, we are human beings.

“And many times it is nothing more than just helping people deal with the current situation.”

Many acts of both local and national police officers show this human side.

From playing children’s songs in cars, to reading letters from Pikachu and even making a video of them playing with Playmobil.

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