THE coronavirus crisis has forced most people to stay at home and now they have ample of time on their hands.

One of the most common ways to spend the extra time is by cooking or baking.

According to Google, here are the top 10 recipes searched by Spaniards during their time in quarantine.

Number 10 – Lasagna


The typical Italian dish registered 18,100 searches during the lockdown period, an increase of 166%.

Number 9 – Paella


Next up is the classic Spanish dish, also with 18,100 searches, but higher on the list because it experienced a bigger increase of 201%.

Number 8 – Croquettes


Another classic from Spanish cuisine, 22,200 searches were recorded, representing a rise of 231%.

Number 7 – Cheesecake


The famous dessert sits in seventh place, with 40,500 hits, a growth of 142% compared to normal.

Number 6 – Rice Pudding

Rice Pudding

Another dessert, rice pudding amassed 49,500 Google searches, 219% more than before the pandemic.

Number 5 – Cookies


A favourite among people of all ages around the world, cookies begin the top five, also with 49,500 searches, but a higher increase of 319%.

Number 4 – Cupcakes


A spot higher on the list are cupcakes, with 60,500 searches, a rise of 268% more.

Number 3 – French Toast

French Toast

The typical French dessert comes in third place with 90,500 hits, an increase of 480%. 

Number 2 – Cakes


In second place we have cakes, with recipes for different types being searched 135,000 times, a spike of 360%.

Number 1 – Crepes and Pancakes

Pjimage 1

In first place we have pancakes and crepes, miles ahead of the rest of the competition, with crepes registering a staggering 246,000 searches in the period of a month and pancakes having 201,000, an increase of 201% and 279% respectively.

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