THE new water treatment plant in Aguahierra, Nerja is facing even more delays due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Already five years behind schedule and millions of euros over budget, the new facility is currently at a standstill due to a lack of personnel and other resources.

Lantania, the contractor in charge of the development explained that the next stage in the process is the drilling of a 17-metre hole into the Burriana cliff face to reach an underground pipework system that was laid over seven years ago.

While the current works are halted, other works are being carried out nearby to improve the infrastructure of the surrounding area’s drainage systems until specialist equipment can be obtained.

Discharge-catchers that will eventually be installed in the Burriana beach area are also on the agenda.

Meanwhile, other smaller jobs resumed yesterday at the Mirador del Bendito thanks to the lifting of certain job restrictions.

The plant has been fraught with issues for many years.

Originally contracted to construction company Isolux-Corsan-Corviam by the Nerja Town Council back in 2013, things ground to a halt when it went into administration in 2017.

The contract was transferred to Lantania, which was already behind schedule and over budget.

Estimates showed that the plant would be functioning in eight months time, five years after the original prediction.

However delays in paperwork, construction and an extended testing period pushed the completion date back even further.

The original budget of €23.4 million was also extended in 2018 by a further €2.3 million, using funds exclusively raised by the central government, after a political battle prior to the 2019 elections highlighted the lack of action towards the project.

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