ONE in four Guardia Civil agents has tested positive for COVID-19.

Since March 31, 5,878 tests have been carried out on 80,090 Guardia Civil agents, both active and in reserve.

That figure represents just over 7% of the agents, focusing on those who are suspected to have been infected.

Of those 5,878 tests that have been done, 1,526 have tested positive, a percentage of 25.9%.

This percentage is so high because the personnel who have been tested are those who had already presented symptoms and were suspected of already being infected.

The Guardia Civil has carried out more tests compared to other security bodies, because it acquired 10,000 rapid tests in order to try and reduce the number of agents that are in isolation.

This has enabled 3,388 agents to return to work, 2,045 because they tested negative and 1,343 because they have overcome the virus.

So far the pandemic has claimed the lives of seven agents.

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