A BIG hearted British expat is trying to create a production line of face masks in Andalucia.

Markus Oz, who lives in Malaga, has been trying to remedy the huge shortage of face masks around the country.

As well as import masks from China, he also wants to set up his own production line to make masks and distribute them.

Oz, 55, from Yorkshire, has over 15 years experience dealing with the Chinese manufacturing industry and has had similar companies in the UK.

“My intention is not to make any money from this… I just want to help,” he told the Olive Press, from his home in Malaga.

“As someone who knows about manufacturing, I feel like I can help.

“I have contacts in China that can supply millions of N95 masks on a regular basis, for as little as €1.20 per mask,” he added.

However, the semi-retired businessman wants to go a step further and set up his own production line.

“I’m willing to invest well over €100,000 to import the machines, ones that can produce up to 150 masks per minute and start manufacturing as soon as possible,” he vowed.

However despite sending numerous emails and calling various business consultants and accountants in Spain, he hasn’t received a reply.

“I just want to help battle the shortages caused by the pandemic, but I’m not being given any help or guidance because I’m not a part of the ‘boys club’, like those individuals the government is willing to collaborate with and assist.”

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