INSTEAD of stockpiling toilet rolls we should have been storing up our inner reserves of patience and selflessness because that’s certainly being tried and tested at the moment.

But really, is it so bad to stay in for a short period of time?

One of the best lines I’ve read throughout the coronavirus crisis is, ‘our grandparents were called to arms, we’ve been asked to just sit on our sofas’, which I’m sure you’d agree that in comparison is no real hardship.

But by week three of lockdown and we’ve exhausted all the small DIY tasks, decluttered our cupboards to make space for all those loo rolls, and we’re all beginning to moan about how bored we are.

It kind of feels a little like Christmas because we’re all at home just eating and drinking – except that Santa has been replaced by the Grim Reaper.  

There’s not really much else to take pleasure in right now and so what if we eat half that cake we just baked!

Take That
PATIENCE: Take That’s lyrics could prove a useful mantra for these testing times

We’re also bingeing on box sets, films, more box sets, checking in to catch the latest depressing TV news updates, then back to the box sets in despair.

We jump on the latest TV or film recommendation from friends as one of the few forms of escapism from the real-life apocalyptic film we’re all actually living in.

But there are only so many books you can read, box sets you can watch and cakes you can bake before the boooooordom returns.


There isn’t the spare money and definitely not the mindset for shopping online because those of us who do still have an income are maybe having to support their partner who has lost theirs.

Also, none of us know how long this may go on for so we’re all being super thrifty and fashion just seems so frivolous right now! And where would you wear it?

Hence, in pretty much the same way bored celebrities do, we take to social media to share the minutiae of our lives.  

Terenia Taras Columnist
LOCKED DOWN: Terenia and partner Paul

But do we really need to see posts of famous people wearing Marigolds just to prove they’re  like the rest of us who have to clean our own toilets.

If these people really want to help, then please make a hefty donation to all the real stars who have gone mainly unrecognised up until now, the nurses, doctors, specialists, delivery drivers, supermarket shelf stackers and anyone else who is helping to keep this crisis from spilling over into something even more unimaginable.

Like everything in life, we will move on from this, so instead of all the daily negativity and boredom we should try and look beyond the here and now to the time when we can press the play button on life again.

And maybe having had waaaaay too much time to think, we might just come out of this for the better, valuing what really matters, which is people instead of our relentless, selfish pursuit for more.

In the words of Take That, ‘just have a little patience’ because we will get through this – without  cute coronavirus renditions of that song online, thanks!


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