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How to properly disinfect reusable hygiene masks amid COVID-19 resurgence in Spain

In the case of reusable masks, these are made with fabrics -authorised by the Spanish Ministry of Health- wearing it is only half the battle, you also have to wash it.

Masks and heatwave: Tips for enduring Spain’s sizzling summer heat whilst wearing the mandatory mask

Tips for wearing a mask and trying to stay cool as highs of 43C are expected to scorch parts of Andalucia this weekend

New study shows Spain’s homemade COVID-19 masks need be three layers thick to be most effective

According to a case study by online publication Thorax, masks should be 'a minimum of two layers, preferably three, to prevent dispersion of droplets from the nose and mouth'

5 exceptions to use of mandatory face mask in Spain’s Andalucia

Only some people can be without a mask in public or private places

Spanish government approves decree for new normal phase from June 22

THE Spanish government has approved a decree for the ‘new normal’ that will come into effect on June 22.

WHO advises to wear face masks in public in order to combat coronavirus

THE World Health Organization (WHO) has changed its advice on face masks, saying that they should be worn in public in order to halt the spread of coronavirus.

Used masks and gloves littering streets of Spain ‘can still carry coronavirus’ and are environmental hazard, warns health expert

Littered masks and gloves are becoming a safety and environmental hazard as people dump them on streets.

Police in Spain can issue fines as high as €3,000 to people who throw their gloves and face masks...

POLICE throughout Spain have started issuing fines to people who throw their used gloves and face masks on the ground.

Two women arrested on Spain’s Costa del Sol for stashing drugs in their face masks and bras

TWO women have been arrested in Estepona for hiding drugs in their face masks and bras.

Spanish government sets the maximum price for surgical masks at 96 cents

“The Government has taken this measure in order to avoid abuses.”

Spain’s BOE to publish maximum price for face masks to curb commercial abuse and inflated prices

The government will set the maximum prices for those essential products, masks, gloves and hydroalcoholic gels, needed to combat COVID-19.

EXCLUSIVE: British expat in Spain wants to start his own production line of face masks to help during the...

A BIG hearted British expat is trying to create a production line of face masks in Andalucia.

EXCLUSIVE: Two factories in Spain’s Andalucia recycle one million sanitary masks a day

A factory in Spain’s Cordoba, recycles 500,000 sanitary masks a day.

Obligatory use of face masks in Spain to combat coronavirus is delayed

“Measures will not be put in place that cannot be met.” Says Spain’s Minister of Health, Salvador Illa.

France forced to return face masks it confiscated from Spain a few weeks ago after pressure from the Swedish...

FRANCE has been forced to return the face masks they confiscated from Spain a few weeks ago.

Andalucia buys 60,000 rapid coronavirus tests and distributes 725,000 face masks

The Andalucian health care is “prepared” and “not overwhelmed”

Sportswear manufacturer in Spain uses factories to make medical supplies for coronavirus fight

Austral, a Spanish manufacturer for triathlon suits, cycling and running equipment has fabricated 11,000 face masks.


GOOD NEWS continues with new cases of COVID-19 maintaining big fall in Spain’s Valencian Community

LATEST figures released tonight(March 2) by the Valencian health ministry declared 585 new COVID-19 infections. As expected, it is...