MASKS will not be compulsory in Andalucian schools during the next school year.

According to the recommendations drawn up by the Junta, face masks use will continue to be optional between students and school employees next term.

Face mask use will, however, continue to be compulsory on school transport from the age of 6 years onwards.

Additionally, the protective bubble arrangements used to segment pupils will no longer be used and there will be no limitation on contact between different class groups, both indoors and outdoors, or between educational stages.

The use of hydroalcoholic gels will continue to be recommended at the entrance of the centre and in classrooms, to be used when entering and leaving.

According to the Junta, schools are to carry out their work ‘as normal’, as long as the pandemic situation allows and has called on the health coordination team to review the covid-19 action plan applied during the last school year and adapt it to current recommendations.

Furthermore, there will also be no specific limitations on families’ access to schools or for meetings, although it is recommended that these meetings take place in open-air spaces or in a ventilated indoor space.


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